Guitar Effects

NUX MG-100 Guitar Multi-FX Pedal

Compact pedal guitar effects unit with full DSP, analogue modelling, auto-tuner, full colour backlit LCD display and assignable expression pedal. Jam mode has a built-in drum machine with various style presets and a record/overdub/mix function as a sketchpad for prototyping complete tracks. A total of 8 modules from 58 effect types can be used to create up to 36 user programs, which can be stored internally. UK 9Vdc 300mA power adapter included.
  • Full colour backlit LCD display
  • Easy editing via 4 rotary encoders
  • 58 effect types (8 simultaneous)
  • Programmable expression pedal
  • Accurate digital amp/cab modelling
  • Intelligent harmonizer
  • Drum machine and 40 second looper
  • Tap tempo for FX and drums
  • Stereo output to amp(s), mixer or headphones