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QSA 112
Constant Curvature Line Array

Addressing the growing demand for a compact and
portable professional sound system, Qube developed
the QSA112 Constant Curvature Line Array.This
system is mostly dedicated to fixed installation and
to sound rental companies, musicians and mobile
DJ's which are looking for equipments with the best
ratio performance/ portability at a very affordable
price.The QSA112 delivers extraordinary power
handling, clarity, flexibility and, of course, stunning
sound in an attractive, easy to handle affordable
package. Two-way, true line-array Full-Range/Bi-
Amp system, in bass-reflex. 1 x 12”(3”VC) custom
neodymium woofers granting high excursion and
power handling.3 x 1”(1.7”VC) custom neodymium compression drivers coupled to a waveguide with 100°H
x 15°V dispersion horn.The QSA 112 easy handle ( bi-amp mode) 600 watts on the lows and 300 watts on the
mid high section with a SPL 128,5 dB (LF)/138 dB (HF) .High quality passive crossover network offering maximum
reliability, with built-in soft thermal protection for the HF components with auto-reset.Bi-amp or
Fullrange passive mode selection from the rear panel. High Frequency Shelving EQ switch (-3dB, 0dB, +3dB),
allows effective amplitude shading technique, to evenly uniform the SPL of the mid-high frequencies in the
listening area. The speaker is made with birch plywood finished with scratch resistant paint.Integrated handles
and mechanical hardware for suspension with 10:1 safety factor are included.The SP 26 is a digital signal
processing controller programmed to optimise the performances of the total system.The SP 22 QSA/1 is a
digital signal processing controller made in a plug in module ,to optimise the performance of the total
Configuration Way 2
Recommended amplifier Full range 600W / Bi -amp:600(L)/300(MH)
Long term power Full range 300 / Bi –amp 300(LF)/150(HF)
Short term power Full range (IEC 268-659) Watt Full range 1200 / Bi-Amp 1200 (LF)/700 (HF)
Nominal impedance Ohm Full range 8 / Bi-Amp 8(LF)/8(HF)
Frequency response @-6dB 70Hz-20KHz
Low frequency woofer inches 12 (3” coil)
High Frequency driver inches 3 x 1 (1,7” coil)
Sensitivity dB Full range 98 / Bi-Amp 98(LF)/110 (HF)
Maximum SPL (peak) dB Full range 128,5 / Bi-Amp 128,5 (LF)/138 (HF)
Dispersion H°xV° 100x15
Crossover frequency KHz 1,2
Recommended HP filter 60Hz / 24 dB oct
Recommended external filter SP 26 controller or SP 22QSA/1 plug in module (full range)
Input connectors 2 speakons
Net dimensions H x L x W cm 38,2x60,5x45,5
Net weight Kg 30


18” Bass Reflex Powered subwoofer

The QSA 118Sa is a powered compact bass reflex cabinet subwoofer. It features an Italian manufactured 18” high excursion woofer powered by an 800w RMS CLASS D (PWM) power amplifier. Only the best quality European electronic parts are used in the power amp module circuitry to provide superb specifications, reliability and longetivity. The QSA 118sa has been specifically designed as the companion subwoofer system for the QSA 112A two way line array cabinets, although it can be used with any sound system to provide additional LF reinforcement. Frequency response is from 35 Hz - 120 Hz and a single QSA 118sa provides 129.5 db SPL. The power amp module provides 2 sets of dipswitches with factory presets: 1 set of 4 switches provides 8 different EQ curves to adapt the QSA 118sa’s EQ contour for either ground stacked (4 EQ settings) or flying applications (4 EQ settings) as well as 180° phase reversal. The 2nd. set of dipswitches provides 8 different delay settings, allowing delay adjustments from .25 meters to 32 meters (9.75” - 105 ft.). A rotary potentiometer allows adjustment of gain settings from - 9dB to + 3 dB for precise gain control. Additional power amp module features include: Four LED indictors for the power amps operation status (Power On, Overload, Limit and Protect), a ground lift switch, a balanced XLR - F input connector, a balanced XLR-M Loop output connector to daisy chain the signal input to additional QSA 118sa Subwoofers, an auto resetting AC line circuit breaker, two Neutrik® Powercon AC connectors (one main AC in, and one AC loop out to supply AC power to an additional QSA 118sa or to power two QSA 112A line arrays). This AC loop out powering system eliminates the need to connect lengthy individual AC power cables to each QSA 118sa (or two QSA 112A line array cabinets) from the main AC power source and allows a quicker, more convenient multiple array cabinet system set up whether in a suspended or a ground stacked permanent or portable system configuration. The QSA 118sa cabinet is constructed with 18mm (3/4”) Baltic birch plywood and finished with scratch and scuff resistant black paint. Ergonomically placed integrated handles and mechanical hardware for suspension with a 10:1 safety factor are provided. The QSA 118sa also features a top mount 35mm (1?”) satellite pole mount. With use of the optional QUBE SS -210 speaker mounting pole, one or two QSA 112A two way line array cabinets can be placed on top of a QSA 118sa subwoofer. The side mounted hardware is used to securely lock the QSA 112a cabinets together while the SS - 210’s adjustable angle pole provides aiming flexibility. Key Features: ·
Built in 800w RMS Class D (PWM) power module (85% efficiency) ·
Switch mode power supply ·
• A single QSA 118sa delivers 129.5 dB SPL ·
• DSP controller with 8 different EQ presets for ground stacked or flying applications and 8 different delay line settings ·
• An Italian manufactured high excursion 18” woofer with a 4” Kapton high heat resistant voice coil ·
• Ergonomically placed carrying handles and mechanical hardware for suspension with a 10:1 safety factor ·
• Cabinet constructed with 18 mm (3/4”) 13 ply Baltic birch plywood, with internal cabinet bracing to prevent undesired resonance. Enclosure finished in scratch and scuff resistant black paint ·
• Completely Manufactured in Italy
Configuration Way 1
Built-in amplifier Watts (RMS) 800
Frequency response @-6dB 35Hz-200Hz
Low frequency woofer inches 18 (4” voice coil)
Nominal input impedance kOhms 22
Sensitivity (@1W/1m) dB 98,5
Maximum SPL dB 129,5
Dispersion H°xV° omni
Input/linked connectors Balanced XLR
Power cord mt 5/ft 16,5
Net dimensions H x L x W cm 56,5 x 60,5 x 69,5 (22,25"x23,82"x27,36")
Net weight Kg 56/lbs 128