Wireless Guitar & Wind Instrument System

JTS Wireless Guitar & Wind Instrument System


JTS Wireless Guitar and Wind Instrument System

The JTS UR-816D/GT true wireless experince for the musician on the move!
The truly ingenious system enables easy wireless micing of either an electric/electro guitar or wind instruments thanks to the interchangeable jack or mic fitting.
Channel 70 lience free operation.

Complete system with carry case, transmitter - jack plug & mic included and a receiver. Ready to use.

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Receiver Specs

  • Preset 16 selectable UHF channels.
  • Single transmitter operation.
  • Diversity technology prevents dropouts in the RF link.
  • PLL synthesized technology.
  • Noise mute and pilot tone squelch.
  • Equipped with both XLR balanced and 6.3mm unbalanced outputs.
  • Tuned antennas maximize the effective range of the wireless link.
  • Compact half rack space design.

    Transmitter Specs

  • Sub miniature guitar transmitter with patent pending design.
  • UHF PLL 16 preset selectable channels.
  • Powered by one AAA battery for over 8 working hours.
  • Over 60 meter of stable operation distance.
  • High signal to noise ratio.
  • Standby function provided for stable wireless link.
  • Provide great convenience to both guitarist and winds player.